Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why is Soccer not popular (in America)?

Tonight the final four showdown begins. UCLA and Memphis, Kansas, and UNC will battle it out to see which seed is really deserving of that #1 next to their name. I have to say, i'm intrigued by these matchups. See a lot of people don't like college basketball because it's not played at a high enough level compared to the NBA. While this may be the case, there is no denying the passion that is so tangible in the college game. And that is where I think the difference will be in tonight's matchups. All these guys are good. They all ate at McDonalds and are All-Americans, so skill wise they are all pretty similar. It comes down to this: who is more passionate?

My bracket is officially almost dead. UNC is the only team I have left. I am on the bracket respirator right now, and if UNC happens to lose tonight, its all over. Another year, another poorly chosen final four for me. ha

In other news, its Baseball season again. Am I excited about this? Not really. I will get excited more during the summer. Maybe.

Maybe the best sporting event going on right now (other than march madness, of course) is the UEFA Champions Cup. That's soccer. In Europe. Why, you ask, do I care about the European sport that America dismisses as boring? Because it is amazing. That is my answer. It is amazing. Next week Liverpool plays Arsenal and Chelsea plays this Turkish team, and Manchester U, with quite possibly the best player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, play the team from Roma. What an awesome week of footballing (soccer, as we would say)

What a great time of year for sports!


Soccer Is Beautiful said...

I wouldn't say it's not popular. It's just not AS popular as the other big sports. In time soccer / football will conquer all.

Why Soccer Is Beautiful said...

And by the way, the US is starting to play some much better football now too.

Paul said...

poor ronaldo- isn't he injured?

Best Player said...

That's the original Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is perfectly healthy and scored again yesterday.