Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We seem to have a lot of things on our minds these days. We are busier than ever, with more responsibility than seems humanly responsible. This is exactly that time of year when everyone is signing up for classes, writing term papers, taking tests, and finalizing summer plans. In the midst of all this, life still goes on. We still feel and we still get tired and need a break. All this stuff just piles on top of us.

And thus we tend to see everything in its monstrous, heightened form. We don't see each day, we look at the week with all that it entails. We don't see each moment, we instead see the whole day with way too many things to do. It's a problem of perspective. We don't see each step, we see the entire stairway and gawk at its great height. And we wonder why we get stressed out so much?

It seems harder in moments like these to step away from the giant picture and get on ground level with each moment of the day. It's harder to take joy in a blob of activities and tasks than it is to take joy in the momentary things. It is harder to be at peace when you are wrapping your mind around three papers and a test instead of seeing them each as different tasks to be completed at different times.

In short, we just battle for perspective. And this is the struggle of the everyday life, except that right now it's a little more clear with all the stuff going on. Perspective...


Paul said...

thanks man, I am struggling with that right now trying to write a paper I put off entirely too long. It is all God's time and a chance to worship him.

Anonymous said...

living life for the little things makes us so much happier.

responsibility is only as good as the quality of the relationships you reap from it. (my opinion) :)