Sunday, April 13, 2008

we are Stamped with a Purpose

I hear people talk all the time about how frustrated they are at their inability to really do anything about social injustices. It's more than common to hear and sense this today. In fact, our knowledge of the world is frightening, and I think it's done a lot to frighten the mess out of us. So is that a bad thing? Shouldn't we be hurting for the poor people all around the world?

I've walked this road for the past few years. College is one of the first places I came face to face with social injustices around the world. I felt my heart bleeding inside, so I dove right in and did what I could to become more informed and to make sure other people were informed. And I swam against the seemingly opposite current of modern comfortable society.

But then I got really tired. Burned out, you might say. Why?? I started feeling more cynical than ever about our culture, about the Church, about everything . And I realized this was unhealthy.

But you know what I realized, on a very personal level? I was frustrated about such large, looming issues that I missed the smaller, pointed, sharp, penetrating issues that were all around me.

All of life matters. Not just our acts of service or our time in Bible study or prayer. All of life matters. We need to get over the fact that different areas of life should be a different priority level. Here it is simply: Jesus is my Lord, my Life. Everything else flows from that. And I mean everything. We weren't meant to live other ways.

So when this is our heart, everything in life matters. Getting up in the morning matters. Going to class matters. Lunch matters. Homework matters. Listening to a friend matters. Giving up our time matters. It just all matters.

the whole "plank in your own eye" thing takes effect here. so does the New Command (Love as He has loved).

we just weren't meant to live any other way.

(all of this is much better explained in a great book entitled "The Divine Conspiracy" by Dallas Willard. please read it)

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a girl named heather said...

so encouraging. and a good response to my own post, huh?

appreciate it.

this summer i'll be livin' it up in nashville on campus, being an RA and hanging out with the incoming freshmen. what are you going to be up to?