Tuesday, January 29, 2008


It's been pretty windy today. The kind of wind that comes with rain and clouds and causes people to go inside to escape the elements. I guess you could call it a good day to read. That is what I spent most of my afternoon doing, except not reading for fun but reading for the hope of doing well in class. I'm realizing that this semester will feature a lot of reading. So get the coffee ready, and find some good spots to read, cause that's going to be most of my semester.

It's interesting to me how easy it is to get back in the groove of things at school. It's good to do some of the normal, habitual things I got used to doing the past few years. You know, like walking the same path to class and eating lunch at a familiar table. But its also good to have new things thrust into my life so that it doesn't feel so comfortable that it gets monotonous. There are new leaves to be turned over, I guess. And i'm pretty excited about that. As long as some of the other leaves stay the same.

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Anonymous said...

is it bad that i just got jealous that your semester is consisting of coffee and reading? i'm destined to be a professional student because it's hard to adjust to not having any to do... lame. happy tuesday.