Friday, January 18, 2008

Some small things

Well today was a good day for several reasons. Most notably that it was a new day, different than yesterday and almost certainly never to be repeated again in the future. So that in and of itself makes it a good day. There were some things, though, that made the day brighter.

1) Eating lunch at corner bakery, having bread bowl chicken noodle soup and being able to slowly chew on the sourdough long after the soup was finished. bread bowl soup=greatness

2) Had a conversation, over aforementioned lunch, with a good friend. The kind of conversation that thoroughly made me ready to change the world. It was one of those conversations where the more we discussed things, the more excited I became about what we were talking about. it was just brilliant.

3) I found a new book or two at BN. and got an excellent cookie at the adjacent bakery. yes. some things in life can be that simple and that good.

4) I had a good laugh, i mean a GOOD laugh courtesy of disc 4 season 3 of the Office.

The weekend is here, and there is a new week on the horizon. What does tomorrow look like, you ask? Some excellent college basketball viewing, maybe some cooking, enjoyment of frosted mini-wheats, and more general hanging out.

I woke up as before
But the gold was gone
My wife was at the door
With her night robe on
My heart beat once or twice
And life flooded my veins
Everything had changed
My lungs had found their voice
And what was once routine
And what was once routine was now the perfect joy



Paul said...

mark, i agree, bread bowl soup is amazing- especially from atlanta bread company as well. i will see you at young-bin's friday night i think

a girl named heather said...

weepies. ahh they are incredible! they are known by a small gathering here in nashville so i can't take all the credit. how did you find out about them?

3) what book or two... i'm curious

4) always.