Monday, January 14, 2008

In The News

1. I read this intriguing article about African/European immigration on the NY Times website. If we in America think that we are the only people dealing with immigration, its just not that simple. The world, as one book famously says, is flattening. We're mixing and mingling with more diverse people than ever before. What an opportunity to spread the Good News. Sometimes we worry so much about going out and being missionaries that we dont see the mission field that is being brought to us...

2. My cowboys lost to the New York Giants in the NFL playoffs yesterday. I'm not very happy about it. But, March Madness is right around the corner, and Duke, Kentucky, and Texas should make for some fun watching (those are my favorite teams, btw...and I guess you could throw in 'bama, but they'd be 4th)

3. Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, is currently releasing 4 EP's with the theme of each season. His first release, "Fall", is already on Itunes, and it's worth a listen. Take a look at the lyrics, too. There's a lot of desperation in these lyrics.


School has started back for most college kids, but samford's still rolling through jan term, so that means i'm still taking it easy until spring gets under way. Am I ready? yes, I think. Switchfoot's singing to me right now about how today will soon be Gone, which is a good reminder in a rip-roaring world.

Something I've been thinking about lately: How do you live out justice in life? I'm trying to wrestle these thoughts inside and figure out how Jesus interjects into our current popular fascination with "social justice". I'd like to write soon about what I think this question truly means. Hopefully I can get around to that, and get around to, more importantly, living its truth out in reality.

Young-bin is coming back to the states soon, YES! Paul has started a blog, but has yet to see the necessity to post. ha. Well, until I write again...keep the creativity flowing and keep thinking and writing.

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