Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Clamor

The world is shouting at us. Voices competing for our attention, for our time, for our belief. The never-ending cadence just gets exhausting to listen to, yet it is so much easier to stay tuned in to its messages than it is to turn off the dial and listen to a different message.

You know how sometimes when you have been watching TV for a while it just gets hard to turn the thing off? It's sort of like that.

Meanwhile God is whispering, speaking, even shouting life-giving and hope-filling words to me that I miss because I am caught in the chasm of my own laziness. The Word doesn't need hours and hours of my time in order for it to be effective and sharp to my soul, but it does need time.

What things is God speaking to me today? I think this is the attitude I want to cultivate as this new year emerges and unfolds.

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Paul said...

good post, what were you doing up at 4:58 am, is school that crazy??!