Saturday, May 17, 2008

help is just around the corner

I have only been under the enchantment of Summer for less than 48 hours, but it's already got me. I feel like I boarded a train that has taken me miles away from a few days ago. I'm in a new land, with newness all around. Maybe that's the excitement in me speaking too loudly, but I'm okay with that. There's a feeling a bird must have when it's been let out of a cage and I think i'm experiencing something quite similar.

This is a summer that lacks a big, overarching task. Two years ago it was to teach sports and share Christ with kids. Last year it was to work for a Relief and Development organization. This year, though, there's no such thing.

But in the absence of the Big Task there are a multitude of smaller objectives. I have so much that I want to accomplish this summer, and I have the necessary ingredient: freedom. I have, of course, an expanding list of books to enjoy (notice I did not say read, because I don't want to approach books this summer as ducks to be shot out of the air or math problems to be completed; i want to enjoy them). I've got a lot of thinking and planning to do (such a difficult task, i might add). I want to watch more movies, to volunteer, to exercise, and to work with my hands.

There are areas of my life that are like a garden that has not seen care in quite some time. And its time that I endeavor to this garden to clean and spruce it up.

I could write more about this, and I will, but I will leave it be for now. I've got the feeling you get when you first arrive in a new place: readiness mixed with excitement.

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