Saturday, April 3, 2010

On this Saturday

Listening to:
The Avett Brothers: Four Thieves Gone
This is such resonant music. It’s the kind of music that one moment makes you rest your head on your hands and stare out the window and then the next start tapping your foot in a delightful rhythm. The Avett Brothers have a way of making me wish I was walking through a wooded path.

The branches of a tree gently moving with the breeze. And the sun as it slowly moves its way across unconquered sky.

About Greek and how learning this language is teaching me so much about faith in general. I am such a “wantitallrightnow” person and Greek just won’t give itself up that easily. It’s teaching me to work slowly, steadily, to come back day after day, and to be patient when it doesn’t come as natural as I wish it would.

Thankful for:
The way the sun, in these particular few weeks before summer, is more warming than annoying, and for the way the earth brightens up with a bit of splashy sunlight. Makes me constantly want to go outside.

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