Saturday, August 2, 2008

Only When Remembered

Admittedly, it took great effort this lazy saturday to get up from the overstuffed chair i've been planted in most of the day to crank up my computer, but that's beside the point. It's also beside the point that i've spent a good amount of time this week re-reading a certain book series (ahem, harry potter). And you know what, it's also beside the point that I got to have an entirely enjoyable afternoon and evening last night watching a braves game with two of my favorite people, finishing off the drive back with a rotating game of "play your favorite tune on andy's ipod". No, those are all great things (well, i dont know how much you can legitimize sitting in an overstuffed chair...), but they're only the tip of the surface of a bigger pool of blessings.

That's right, blessings. I'm inclined to think that some things in life are blessings, and that if we take the time to recognize and enjoy them, the bad stuff loses a little bit of its bite. It's just the whole recognizing part is awfully hard for me to do, because i'm so accustomed to running through each day with my blinders up, only noticing whats happening in and around me. It takes a little more awareness, though, for these things to be noticed.

So i'm working on doing just that. Recognizing the blessings, both big and small, that surround me every day. Whether they are friends, opportunities, moments, or gifts, they are worth being grateful for. It's no fun to live like a cup of soured milk, always desiring something new. I've spent too many days living like that. It's harder, but better, to take these thoughts captive to Christ, and to let my eyesight be filtered through him, so that I'm living in recognition of all the blessings around me...

Now, back to the overstuffed chair.

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