Monday, June 23, 2008


I'm not going to write a whole post about the new Coldplay album, or how excited I am to see them when they come to Atlanta in November. That would be just a little too effusive. No, there's a lot going on, both inside my head and in the outer world. And that's what I'd like to write about instead.

I saw the documentary Expelled last night, and like a lot of people who've seen the film, was shocked at what I saw. Basically the documentary (without giving too much away) is about Ben Stein's quest to find out if there is freedom of inquiry within the scientific community specifically related to the debate over the origin of life. It's a well done film, and I just left shaking my head at some of the comments I heard from some of our leading scientists today. And here's why:

Pride. If you get the chance to watch the film (and please do), you'll notice a grotesque amount of smugness on display from several of the top scientists being interviewed. It's dripping from every word they say, from the smirks and the stares into the camera. It's kind of disturbing to realize how much faith and trust we put into scientists today. They are legitimately smart people, very smart. In fact, they are incredibly knowledgeable people, but there's a catch. Remember the old saying "knowledge puffs up"? I think that is an apt description of what has happened to the scientific community. Go watch it if you have time.

I read The Weight of Glory this weekend, and I'm still chewing on all the material. It's not a long book, in fact its rather short, broken up into short, topical chapters. But the depth in each page is astounding. There is meat on the bones of this book.

Orientation's are almost over, and it seems like summer's going by pretty fast. Oh no.

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