Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas post

I have a new cd playing softly as I peck away at my mac writing this new entry. It's a great cd that i've wanted to get my hands on for a while by the Weepies called "say I am you". It's a relaxing, folkish blend of acoustic melodies. I'm especially liking it right now because I've been in one of those super relaxed moods recently. Ever since getting back from London I've just been really relaxed and maybe even a little content. It's good to take days as they come and to let fresh things remind you of the speciality of life.

It's a bit weird having every ounce of 70 degree weather while the radio is playing Christmas jingles and stores are displaying red and green sales. I'm not sure that I really like it, because, frankly, I like the traditional chilly type of Christmas, replete with coats and scarves and a little bit of wind. But hey, I'm not complaining with 70 degrees either. It's just more like living in florida or arizona or some place tropical.

I have the next few weeks as open space before me. Nothing in particular to accomplish, but in that nothingness I think lots will get done. Here are a few suggestions I leave with you as Christmas hastens quickly and this post comes to an end:

1) get your hands on a copy of Andrew Peterson's "Behold the Lamb of God" and give it a good listen to during this season of advent. it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. really.

2) keep listening to Christmas music after the 25th. it'll do wonders to your ears.

3) if you only buy two items of clothing this year, get a nice scarf and some nice shoes.

4) take a walk and do nothing but appreciate

5) watch some excellent college basketball matchups in the coming weeks

6) skip most of the dot com bowls this year

7) spend time well

8) read the Christmas Story in its entirety, starting with the beginning in Genesis.

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andy-farmer said...

I would add to the list

9) Have a Christmas movie marathon with your girlfriend (or family)


10) Keep up with Young-Bin in Korea on his blog.

Hope Santa was nice to you, Mark!