Friday, April 13, 2007

A Million New Beginnings

There is something that we are missing. I’m not talking about missing fireworks in the sky, I’m talking more about missing the shooting star at the edge of the horizon. It’s that something that eludes us each and every day, passing underneath our conscious thought like a quiet submarine. What I’m talking about is appreciation for the moment.
Today is more unique than a snowflake. There has never been a day like it in the past, and there will never be a day like it in the future. What an incredible thing to think about. Today holds opportunities that will never exist again. There is a new sunrise, and million new beginnings happening all across the globe, and there will be a new sunset. It’s the essence of what has happened for centuries, but wrapped each day in new packaging with a slightly different twist.
There is an appropriateness in realizing the tiny intricacies in life, for it is in these layers we find deeper significance to life. It’s not just the big events that add weight to the scale of our days. It’s in the short conversations, the abilities to see and to move, the simple pleasure of life itself.
I have a tendency to quickly shove these things aside and focus my attention on the “more important” things in life. I think you might have the same problem I have. I’m not sure that life was meant to be lived like this. Somewhere deep down I realize how much I hate the monotony of a dull life. The dull life isn’t easy to define, though. What may “seem” dull can actually be exciting, since we are each created with different passions and energies. Where the dull life manifests itself, though, is in the soul. The dull life can be just as real in the life of rich millionaire as in the life of a poor person.
I am reminded over and over again just how tied down we humans are to circumstances. There is great joy, though, in living beyond our circumstances, for that is where the real place of rest and fulfillment is found.
There are new things happening this day. There are new experiences occurring this day. I’m hoping that we can all learn to open our eyes a little wider and take in the beautiful mess that is happening all around us.

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