Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who likes to take blame? I can't really think of anyone that does. We like people to tell us what we're good at and what we've done well, but the minute blame starts happening we reach for our shovels to heap it on someone else. Blame turns into this goopy sludge that none of us want to be seen wearing.

But what if we started taking the blame for our mistakes? What if we owned our own failures and shortcomings instead of passing them off on anything that seems capable of bearing the load?

I don't like being blamed for things, even if I did make a big mistake. But it seems, if we'd all start owning our mistakes a little more, maybe we could get something done in this world.

Maybe I'm crazy, but why do all the problems and issues in the world have to be covered with so much sticky red tape. I think if we got down to the heart of matters, we'd start realizing that no one wants to take the blame.

So I'll start. I'm a sinner. I make a lot of mistakes, each and every day. I have a hard time putting faith in anything other than myself. I am a prideful person. So there. That's a small portion of the blame that I should take more often.

Let's quit focusing on saving so much face in life. Be real.

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